We’ve compiled some of our clients most frequently asked questions about available green energy incentives in BC and what is involved in Net Zero and Built Green home builds. Feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to talk more about your home building or renovation goals. Call us at 250-218-2330 or email us at j.zsiroscontracting@gmail.com.

Net Zero

What is the definition of a Net Zero home?

A Net Zero home is a house that generates more energy than it consumes and is a healthy and comfortable environment to live in

What is the cost to build Net Zero?

This will vary depending on the house plan, the location, and the budget of the homeowner. We can build to suit most budgets, and we have successfully implemented a net zero build under $400,000. 

Is the industry moving towards more green building standards?

By 2032, the Province of British Columbia will require all new builds to generate as much energy as they consume, and these are the green building standards we adhere to at J. Zsiros Contracting. This means we’re currently building to standards that will be mandated 12 years from now.

Can any builder construct a Net Zero home?

If they, like us, are certified to do so. More builders across Canada and BC in particular are educating themselves and achieving certifications in Net Zero building. Qualified Net Zero builders in Canada can be found on the CHBA website.

Where is the best place to find out what is involved in a Net Zero build?
Are there incentives or is there any funding available to homeowners for energy efficient homes?

BC Hydro, Fortis gas and some municipalities have funding/rebate programs for energy efficient home builds. Certification can also qualify homeowners for certain financial rebates at some lending institutions. Visit the Government of Canada website for more info on incentives in your province.

Built Green

What is Built Green Canada?

Built Green Canada is an industry-driven organization in Canada that helps to facilitate and support green building practices in the residential sector across Canada. They have a tiered certification program (bronze, silver, gold, platinum), and homes built to those specifications are designated accordingly.

What is involved in a Built Green home build?

Built Green Canada will work with builders like J.Zsiros Contracting or with Energy Advisors to ensure the homes meet their high-performance standards. We’ve built Platinum designated Built Green homes, learn more details about each Vancouver Island project [here] and [here].

How much does it cost?

The cost for Built Green certification will depend on several factors unique to your home, budget, goals and location. We can work with clients, determine their needs and build according to their budget. Homes built in accordance with Built Green standards need not be excessively costly.

What is the difference between Built Green and Net Zero?

These are two different labelling programs that both focus and certify energy reduction measures and equipment that is employed in building or renovations. They each have their own (similar) criteria and each can certify a high-performance home. Visit the CHBA website for more info on Net Zero and Built Green Canada for more information on Built Green certification.

Should I build Net Zero or Built Green, or both?

It is quite possible to build to both and will need to be registered both with Built Green and Net Zero. Achieving certification in both ensures both the highest quality equipment, while also ensuring that environmentally friendly products and methods are employed. Having both certifications benefits the owners not just in energy savings, but also enhances the value of the home.

Where can I go for more information on how to achieve Built Green certification?

Learn more about some key cost effective upgrades for a high-performance home Built Green Canada website.

Can I retrofit a house to be Built Green certified?

Yes. Visit the Built Green Canada website here for more information on renovations.

Are the incentives for Built Green the same as Net Zero?

Energy efficient incentives are available for eligible homes, whether you aim to build for BUilt Green certification or Net Zero, or both. Visit the Government of Canada website for more info on incentives in your province.

Are there other high-performance labeling programs in Canada besides Built Green and Net Zero?

Yes, there are a number of labelling programs in Canada from Passive House, LEED to EnergyStar and R-2000 that are used to certify homes. We choose to focus on Built Green and Net Zero because they best fit our building styles and value as a building company. Check out the Consumer Guide for High Performance Homes from BC Housing for more on labelling programs.