About Built Green Canada

Built Green Canada is an energy-rating agency and national organization that is dedicated to supporting the building industry with sustainable building practices for residential home building. Built Green emphasises and recognises the value of using locally sourced materials, and environmentally friendly products for new builds or renovations and their certification programs facilitate and support green energy building.

Homes that are Built Green certified offer benefits that include a more durable, healthier and affordable home now and down the road. While the certification program has existed for many years, interest has been renewed with increased consumer awareness and concern over environmental issues, along with the desire to contribute positively toward reducing energy consumption and wastage.

It’s not just buyers seeking energy efficient homes. Environmentally friendly or environmentally neutral homes are on track to be provincially legislated in 2032.

Green Energy Incentives

BC Hydro, Fortis Gas and some municipalities have funding/rebate programs. Certification can qualify homeowners for certain financial rebates at some lending institutions. To find out more about incentives for building green in BC visit the Government of Canada website. You can also check with your local municipality to find out if there are additional local funding/rebate programs.

Our Certification in the Built Green Program

While the programs for certification are voluntary, homes that are built to meet these certifications must be done so by certified Built Green builders, who are trained to meet these high-performance standards with outstanding knowledge of energy efficient products, techniques and equipment.

Jim Zsiros and the team at J. Zsiros Contracting have been building to Built Green Canada standards for many years in BC. Learn more about the two featured home builds below, which received the highest Platinum Level Built Green certification.

Featured Built Green Projects

Beach House Bungalow 

Beach House Modern 

Rustic Modern 

Woodland Retreat