Absolute Zero 

Net Zero Certified – Constructed in 2019

This new Net Zero certified home was built for entry level clients who wanted an environmentally-friendly home that would also eliminate energy bills. With energy savings at the forefront, this smaller home is located in treed area in a rural wetland surrounding, and has a minimal impact within its setting.

With energy savings throughout, this home features low flow shower heads, toilets and faucets, and all appliances are high energy efficient (Energy Star labelled). Combined with low energy LED lighting throughout, triple glazed windows, added insulation, heat recovery ventilation systems, and heat pumps this delightful home has achieved all the owner’s energy goals. Comfort, functionality and health were not compromised in this build, and the kitchen is complemented by the hand-crafted counter top made from locally sourced maple.

Clearly demonstrating that a Net Zero build can be achieved with a limited budget, the homes solar system is ground located, resulting in easier maintenance while concurrently reducing installation costs. A 650 gal rain recovery system has further reduced water consumption.

This step code level 5 home home produces as much energy as is consumed resulting in no energy bills for the owners.

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