Rustic Modern


This Built Green Platinum level home combines modern design and features with traditional elements while also maximising ocean views. Natural wood shake gables and siding accents enhance the rustic feel, and corrugated metal used in exterior areas of the house provide a striking visual counterpoint to the siding and wooden shakes. The lower deck is accessible from both the kitchen and dining room, while the upper deck with ocean views is accessible from family room

Extensive use of recycled shiplap and barn boards was made throughout home, creating a rustic ambience, and the fireplace mantle was hand crafted from repurposed barn beams. The stairs and kitchen walls have corrugated metal cladding adding a modern look to the interior, and the stairs feature seamless tempered glass laminated handrails with brushed stainless mounts.

The kitchen and family room are open concept, and dual ensuite bathrooms (up and down) provide for two family use. The downstairs ensuite allows for mobility impaired user access, and all tiled bathroom floors equipped with underfloor heating.

Recycled, repurposed and recovered materials were used wherever possible reducing wastage and environmental impacts. Mechanical and gas appliances used in the build were Energy Star certified, earning the owners a Fortis energy rebate and all lighting is LED, providing brighter lights throughout the home, while concurrently reducing energy use. Rain barrels installed for outdoor water usage, reduce city supplied water use.

Energy use is further reduced by the use of Energy Star appliances, and mechanical systems such as hot water on demand, HRV, gas furnace and heat pump. Combined with the equipped high performance windows, and doors used throughout the build, energy consumption is further reduced by the extra insulation added to exterior walls. Featuring a fire supression system installed throughout home, this energy efficient home combines traditional features with modern best building practices.

This is a high performance home incorporating energy savings without compromising comfort or modern conveniences.

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