Scenic Design Renovation

This renovation project was intended to create an office space within an existing workshop.

Incorporating the office into the existing shop eliminated the need for further land use, and reduced materials required by adapting the current shop configuration. This modification of the existing structure reduced the current heavy demand for commercial space in the local area. Modification of the existing structure reduced the need for extensive remodeling and concurrently reduced materials required.

Builder-made wainscotting and shiplap wall design highlights the builders skills, attention to detail to potential clients, while maintaining a neat, modern, clean look.

Re-purposing the shop floorspace that was being used for storage to create an office was a more efficient use of that floorspace. Installation of an underground water line to the structure, permitted the construction of a washroom facility for the use of employees and customers at the office. This water supply comes from the residence, and no new water source(s) were required as a result.

The office WiFi is provided from the owners residence by way of a WiFi extender, so no new connection was required to provide customers and employees with access.

Boasting such energy reducing features such as a low flow toilet, hot water on demand tank, and energy efficient windows this renovation also has a dedicated septic system installed for the office. The garage man door has been insulted to further reduce energy use.

The shop and office exterior is finished in the same fashion as the residence, incorporating river rock finish and cedar trim and woodworking. As a result, this office presents a professional and modern appearance to visitors and customers alike, incorporating simple and clean lines.

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